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Texas History DVDs & Worksheets

Immerse your students in the fascinating history of Texas. VIS Enterprises offers 20 interactive Texas history DVDs and sets as a classroom teaching aids. Our products cover all 4th and 7th grade requirements.

Ancient Texas Cultures

Travel back to the earliest days of the history of Texas. This DVD introduces students to the first people of Texas, their weapons, and their hunting methods, as well as the great mammals they hunted and the plants they gathered.

Causes of the Texas Revolution

Follow the events leading Texas to independence from Mexico. This DVD tells the story of the Texas revolution, from the Fredonia Rebellion to the "Come and Take It" cannon. Your students will be introduced to Anahuac, San Jacinto, and other important places and events.

History DVDs

Pre-History to 1700 1700 to 1836 1836 to 1865 1865 to modern times